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PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development book

PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development by Julie C. Meloni

PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development

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PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development Julie C. Meloni ebook
Format: pdf
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Page: 568
ISBN: 1592004737, 9781592004737

Basically I lend my technical skills in CSS and PHP to business owners that need to tend to their clients and growing business and NOT stress about what's happening on their database or how to style their website according to their brand. As an example, make a folder called “super-blog” to correspond to the database you made. Within your “webspace” folder, make a new folder with the name of the website that you will be developing. Running my own business has been a unique journey this far, I also discovered on this journey that I really need guidance and help to develop skills and habits that will lead to success and better results. Web development has become a very important topic on the web these days and the internet has become the best source for developers to learn more about web development. If I could hack it, I'd It is useful and has enabled a lot of people to get into web development because it is easy but it does feel a bit amateurish. Lately here at MailChimp we've been trying to bring in more developers to help us keep the innovation coming fast and furious as the application grows in scope. But being as how easy wordpress is to install i was going the long way to china by trying to get mySQL to work with the built in php. It's cost-effective, and I'm surprised that, even in Atlanta, you have an issue. Make a folder for your website. Nov 5 2010 by Mark Biegel | 47 Comments WampServer is an easy to use web server package that allows you to configure Apache, MySQL and PHP in your local machine to match that of your live web server. PHP 5.x is stable and gets the job done. Wish this post would have been around then to help.

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