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Traditional and Contemporary Guitar

Traditional and Contemporary Guitar Finger-Picking Styles by Happy Traum

Traditional and Contemporary Guitar Finger-Picking Styles

Download Traditional and Contemporary Guitar Finger-Picking Styles

Traditional and Contemporary Guitar Finger-Picking Styles Happy Traum ebook
Page: 72
ISBN: 0825601037, 9780825601033
Publisher: Music Sales Corp
Format: pdf

A profound songwriter, Chris has drawn deeply from such diverse influences as the blues, American folk music, and modern poets and philosophers during his lengthy career. Even before I met Habib, I was aware of him – a fabulous player who I felt that would work with. The basic thrust of the technique is trying to play a bass line and then play a melody or lead part at the same I wouldn't want to just play contemporary music, when some of the more traditional forms of the music are just as important. I had a cousin, and he used to show me the Piedmont style, that alternating thumb- and finger-picking. I realized that the West African guitar style and my fingerpicking are related to each other. Reviewers praise his dazzling guitar work, gravelly voice and songwriting: “With a weary, well-traveled voice and a serenely intricate finger-picking style, Mr. But I was teaching John and Paul was listening the complete finger style which I But I knew if I came back here I could get young players who would play in a traditional style but give it a modern shine. George wasn't not listening, he was listening too, but George preferred the Chet Atkins finger style where you hold the guitar pick between the thumb and first finger and play with the other fingers. Piedmont-style blues guitarist John Cephas played at the 2007 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Either way, they keep things hushed and spare on their debut album, making the most of their close vocal harmonies and fluid fingerpicking acoustic guitar patterns, while wisely resisting the temptation to flesh things out needlessly with 8 Modern Bands That Influence the Melvins. From legendary artists offering an unexpected twist on traditional tunes to the coolest, craftiest singer/songwriter sounds, here are five of the finest folk albums of the winter of '13.

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